What We Do

Kilos Offers A Variety Of Services And Programs To Meet The Needs Of Our Clients, Keep Reading!


Premium ServicePremium Service Offered By Kilos Performance And Fitness. Perks Include A Limited Adaptable Schedule That Allows The Individual To Train In Any And All Semi-Private Training Time Available. Semi-Private Programs Are Designed With The Individual In Mind. Each Program Is Tailored For The Individual From Warm-Up To Cool Down. Semi-Private Training Is Executed In A Team Environment. Individuals Will Grow, Support And Develop Each Other As A Supportive Forward-Thinking Community.

​Schedule: Adaptability
Training Duration: 60-90 Minutes
Number Of Participants: 8 Per Session Hour
Training Days Per Week: Dependent On The Consumer


Group Conditioning Classes Are Designed With The Time Frugal And Health-Conscious Individual In Mind. These Classes Will Begin With A Comprehensive Warm-Up Followed By A Program Designed To Meet The Current Needs Of The Class. An Individual Can Expect To Experience Strength, Power, Agility Or Conditioning Training As Programs Progress. As The Group Grows And Develops So Does The Program.

​Schedule: Fixed
Training Duration: 45-60 Minutes
Number Of Participants: 15-20 Per Group
​Training Days Per Week: 2-3 Days Per Week


Collegiate And High School Strength And Conditioning Groups Are Generated To Address The Needs Of The Developing Athlete. Developing Athletes Are Being Pressured To Specialize In The Sport Earlier Than Ever. With That In Mind, It Is Important To Keep The Offseason The Offseason. Generating Efficient And Safe Movement Patterns Outside Of The Normal Season Is Important To Increase Performance, Correct Position And Reduce The Likelihood Of Injury. Training Hours Will Be Implemented With The Intent Of Team Cohesion. For Example Football, Lacrosse, Hockey, Baseball, Etc Will All Train Side By Side In Their Designated Program.

​Schedule: Limited Adaptability
Training Duration: 60 Minute
Number Of Participants: 12-15 Per Session Hour
​Training Sessions Per Week: 2-4 Days Per Week


These Individuals Attend Kilos Performance And Fitness In Order To Increase Their Competitive Total. These Individuals Will Not Have A Personalized Program. These Individuals Will Participate In The Program Based On The Sport. Each Individual Will Be Expected To Complete A Minimum Of Once Per Year. Specific Training Times Are In Place In Order To Maximize Team Environment And Training Atmosphere.

Schedule: Fixed
Training Duration: Allotted 120 Min
Number Of Participants: 12-15 Team Members
​Training Days Per Week: 4 Days Per Week


Dedicated To Our Youngest Athletes. Boys And Girls, Ages 10-14

​Schedule: Fixed
Training Duration: 60 Minutes
Number Of Participants: Variable
​Training Sessions Per Week: 2 Days Per Week


Nutrition Is An Instrumental Portion Of Performance. Poor Nutritional And Sleep Habits Can And Do Reduce The Ability For An Individual To Grow, Recover Or Advance No Matter How Good The Training Is. Nutrition Is A Paid Service That Kilos Will Offer.


45-60 Minute Intake Evaluations Cover Goal Development, Sleep Quality, Nutrition And Movement Assessment At A Cost Of $45. To Get Started, Fill Out Pre-Training Questionnaire.